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Welcome to the Biopharmaceutical Advancement Facility!

The Biopharmaceutical Advancement Facility (BAF), founded in 2010, specializes in the development of cell culture-based biopharmaceutical products. Specific services offered include: antibody and protein production, cell bank production and short term storage, bioreactor process development, scale-up and scale-down studies, and cell clarification. 

Facility staff offers extensive experience with a range of cell lines: HEK293, CHO, Sf9, NSO, MSCs, and many other primary cell lines. In the short time since its inception, BAF has supported over 25 cell culture, stem cell, and recombinant biotherapeutic production projects.  The facility has also been integral in the prototype testing of several biomanufacturing technologies.

The facility is not restricted by current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs); however, production processes are directly transferable to partners operating under cGMPs.

Who is it for?


Companies developing cell culture-based biopharmaceuticals or products


Researchers looking for solutions to cell culture-based development changes


Faculty needing a facility for, or expertise in, biopharmaceutical or cell culture-based research

Our Process Equipment Includes:

Static and shaking incubators 

New Brunswick Bioflo310 Cell Culture Bioreactors, working volumes of 1.0, 3.5, 5.0 and 10.0 

NBS Bioflow 5000 Mobile Pilot Bioreactor, 60 liter working volume 

Hollow Fiber and Tangential Flow Filtration Systems


Curtis Gallagher
Interim Manager
Biopharmaceutical Advancement Facility
Tel: 240.314.6350

Biopharmaceutical Advancement Facility
9600 Gudelsky Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

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