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Biotechnology research and education program (brep)


Mtech's Biotechnology Research and Education Program (BREP) is the region's premier biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and biofuel research center, designed to bolster Maryland's burgeoning biotechnology industry. The program consists of two core facilities dedicated to proving supplemental research to academia, government and industry.

Bioprocessing Scale-Up Facility

The BSF offers a broad range of bioprocess scale-up and production services, including fermentation, cell culture, separation, purification and product analysis. The BSF's capabilities include up to 250-liter fermentations. Past clients have included Martek Biosciences, MedImmune, NIH, Digene, NIST and the US Army.


Biopharmaceutical Advancement Facility (BAF)

The BAF specializes in the development of cell culture-based biopharmaceutical products. The facility's staff members offer extensive expertise in addressing challenging problems with the advancement of anchorage-dependent or suspension-adapted cell lines.



The Biotechnology Research and Education Program maintains strong links to the Clark School of Engineering's Fischell Department of Bioengineering which offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. The Clark School also offers a graduate certification in bioengineering.

Workforce Training

BREP's expert staff offer customized training in many aspects of bioprocessing for Maryland biotech companies

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Productivity Enhancement: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Consulting

The most successful biomanufacturing companies utilize their resources efficiently. They bring products to market faster, meet production deadlines and minimize waste. The Biotechnology Research and Education Program's Productivity Enhancement consulting component applies improved manufacturing techniques to biomanufacturing.

BREP consultants' areas of expertise include facility design and layout, process optimization and load balancing, material handling, logistics, and cellular manufacturing. They can also help companies be more productive in:

BREP Staff utilize the following four-step approach for biomanufacturing consulting:


We'll assess how your plant gets things done, work with you to identify a baseline, and identify high impact productivity enhancement opportunities.


An implementation plan is developed that details specific improvement opportunities and recommended implementation method and process.


We'll assist in the implementation which may involve mentoring, facilitation, knowledge transfer, as well as joint implementation with your company's team. Pertinent training is provided to assure workforce understanding, buy-in, and commitment.


Productivity enhancement isn't something you do once and then forget about. It's an ongoing journey where the rewards get greater and greater. As you improve your productivity and get closer to meeting your business objectives, it's important to keep the momentum going. We can help you measure performance, hone your competitive edge, and continually improve.

Companies planning a facility expansion or relocation can take advantage of the BREP staff's expert advice for contractor review, new equipment selection and floor layout design. Biotech team members can create computer simulations of the proposed facility to help companies evaluate alternative processing flows, while process development solutions can be tested in the BSF.

Perform higher, faster and more efficiently by employing BREP's Productivity Enhancement consulting services.


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Director, Biotechnology Research and Education Program
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Biotechnology Research and Education Program
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